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Course Details

As the Course in for two year, the Institute welcomes only the applicants who are ready to continue the course till the end of the stipulated period. Drop outs will definitely lose their course and their fees.
Fifty days of teaching practice in various schools will certainly help the trainees to excel their performance in the profession. The teaching practice has to be accomplished in three different spells of 15 days (UP) 15 days (LP) and 20 days (UP+LP) the first year trainees have to undergo try-out as the part of their school experience program.

Help from experts

The Institute arranges experts from various fields of subject to handle classes in additional to the regular classes of Teacher Educators.

Classes Analysis

Ample Classes will be arranged for the self-analysis and the self assessment of trainees. This will also provide chances to Co-trainees to evaluate the classes.

Community Living Camp

Community living camp for 15 days will be held during the month of April as the part of TTC curriculum .The participation of each and every trainee in the camp is inevitable. Accommodation facilities to trainees during the camp will be provided in the college campus itself.

Study tour

Study tour is an integral part of the course and the participation of the all the trainees is compulsory.


The ITE gives utmost care and importance to the perfect and proper conduct of CCE and ensures that all the trainees undergo this significant process without fail. The Learning activates are categorized in to 5 areas in each subject. The trainees have to generate records in all the five areas of various subjects to produce before the concerned teacher educators for assessment. The Regional practical examination Board will visit during the month of February or March to review the overall performance and the secured grade of the teacher trainees.
More over formative evolution summative evaluation process are also being executed on regular basis.
A Teacher Trainee should secure a minimum of C+ grade to get through the examination (Theory and practical)


Regular attendance in all working days Institution is very compulsory. The Trainees who lack required percentage of attendance are not entitled to appear for the in the examination.

Molding trainees with the embodiment of all unique teacher qualities is the vision and mission of our Institute.
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